The Definition of YOU

Road sign reading self worthThere is one habit we all have that I really don’t understand.  It’s destructive and totally unnecessary, but almost all of us do it.  What is it?  Quite simply, we allow other people to define us and assign our net worth.  How crazy is that?

Now, when I talk about “net worth” in this context, I am not talking about how much money you have or the bottom line on your balance sheet.  I’m talking about your worth as a person.  How much value you provide on this planet.  When dealing with something so important, why do we allow others to determine this for us?  Odds are, they are not even determining it for themselves?

The answer is simple.  Most of us don’t know any better or we don’t think we deserve any better.  If you’ve been using either of those two excuses, I have good news for you.  In about thirty seconds, you won’t have those excuses anymore because you will know better and you’ll know that you DO deserve better.  Any thoughts to the contrary are simply HOGWASH!

Consider the following.  You are a unique individual created by an all-powerful Creator.  You are not here by accident, but by divine decree.  You are made in the image of the almighty God.  You were deemed so valuable that God sent his only Son to pay a debt you could never pay, just so you could be reconciled to the Father.  That last fact alone should tell you that you are valuable.  You are precious.  And, you are loved!

Remember, we are not defined by the names we are called, but by the ones we choose to answer to.

Have a great day.  God bless.

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